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Hi, welcome to my website. I'm a half-English, half-Kiwi author living just outside Bath, where I'm best known for writing thrillers and undertaking the odd car rally - my first was 13,250 miles London to Saigon in a Lada, my last 14,400 miles around South America in something far more sensible: a Toyota 4X4.

When I'm not writing or rallying, it seems I'm judging. I'm on the panel for this year's International Thriller of the Year Award and helping judge the Young Crime Writer's Competition. I'm also the UK judge for the Women's World Car of the Year Award. Talk about lucky. When I'm not reading, I'm testing brand new cars!

'Ex-army officer Jay McCaulay is back in another nail-biting suspense thriller. Plenty of unsettling twists and turns, high-octane plot, and a flashy but appealing heroine make this an excellent choice for fans of high-concept action thrillers.'
- Booklist on The Honest Assassin

I have always loved stories, and as a child I read voraciously, as did my family. When I invited a school friend to stay during the summer holidays, she later admitted to finding us very peculiar because we read our books over breakfast. No conversation, just the rustling of pages and the crunch of our Cornflakes. (I am now much more sociable, but I still treasure taking a book to my local café and reading undisturbed).

People say I'm adventurous, but it's more an insatiable curiosity than anything else. I love trying new things. This is illustrated by the birthday present my family gave me recently: Initial Fast Jet Assimilation Traning in a Hawker Hunter T7. My instructor was an ex-Red Arrow and I still can't believe he handed the controls to me. Talk about exhilarating, but terrifying too!

'Well-researched, shocking, moving and exciting, Gone Without Trace shows that a British writer can take on the most vigorous of the Americans.'
- Times Literary Supplement

People often ask me if there's a difference between thrillers written by women and those written by men, and in my opinion women are no more or less capable of writing a cracking good thriller than a man is of writing a passionate romance.

As C J Carver, will anyone guess my gender from my text? Hmmm. Perhaps I should conduct some kind of test to find out.

For me, it doesn't matter who the writer is as long as the book thrills. As long as I'm consumed by believable characters, a tight plot, an unrelentingly fast pace and lots of realistic action, then I'm a happy bunny. And since I write what I like to read, I guess my books reflect that.

'Probably the most consistently exciting thriller I've read this year - and by 'consistently' I mean start-to-finish, chapter-by-chapter, don't-let-up thrills and excitement. I loved every minute.'
- Russell James, Crime Time on Dead Heat

You'd think being a rally driver I wouldn't care about the environment, but the opposite is true. Two of my books have decidedly green themes - Dead Heat, Beneath The Snow - and I always make sure the wildlife is cared for, especially the sharks.

'A terrific page-turner. Heart-stopping action and a heroine with guile as well as guts'
- Harlan Coben on Gone Without Trace


'Carver gives us strong heroines battling against the odds, fast-moving plots and a strong sense of place. She deservedly won the CWA Debut Dagger for Blood Junction; read Beneath the Snow for another excellent crime novel.'
- Publishing News

'Fans of action thrillers with an international flavor will find Carver's suspenseful, high-stakes, high-octane adventure a page-turning must-read.'
- Booklist on Back With Vengeance

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