I’ve just returned from buying fairy lights, mince pies, and 100g* Flux Cored Solder.  The fairy lights and mince pies were for the kitchen, the solder for my chap, but as I stood in the queue in Halford’s, looking at the coils of silvery solder, my mind trotted off into thriller-writer-land and I wondered whether I could use it to restrain somebody. A type of makeshift handcuffs, you could say. Continue Reading December 2016: Can a writer stop working – even at Christmas?

Spare-me-the-truth.350The Spy

In the grip of amnesia, Dan Forrester believes he’s just an ordinary man.
Until a stranger approaches him with a startling revelation – and an explosive request . . .

The Cop

Banished from the Met in disgrace, Lucy Davies’ life is falling apart.
But when a serial killer strikes in her new provincial posting, might it be her chance of redemption?

The Daughter

Stunned by her mother’s sudden death, Grace Reavey’s grief is
interrupted by a staggering act of blackmail – one that challenges everything
she knew about her mother.

Three Strangers. Countless secrets.

One deadly truth.

Published 7th April

“Read it!”
Meg Gardiner

‘Nothing short of brilliant’
Michael Jecks